Hello! I’m Lilia


I help expats arriving to Barcelona feel at home in the shortest delays, providing them with all the necessary tools, support, contacts and information. 

I lived in 5 different countries and speak 4 languages. My First move was when I was 17, from Moldova to Russia. France at 22, Spain at 41, Scotland at 44. Every move was a physical and emotional endeavor. The mixture of feelings: fear and the excitement of the unknown. A lot of things to think and organize. It felt very uncomfortable and overwhelming. I had to adapt to different cultural, religious, political background. I was very scared of being isolated and not make friends. Sometimes I didn’t speak the language of the county I went to and it made things even more challenging.

On top, I had to deal with lots of administrative hustle, find a place to live and the school for my kids. I would have loved to have someone who’d be some sort of magic Lighthouse where I’d find all the answers to my questions and who’d made my moving experience easier and less overwhelming.

That’s why I I created the service that I’d have loved to have when I was moving myself: a 360° vision to relocation service: from finding a moving company and sorting your admin,  to finding a reliable tax advisor or building your own business in Spain.

Since 2015, I’ve helped  more than 200 families from all over the world to find their homes, jobs, schools for the kids, open businesses, create their tribes and make Barcelona feel like their own home.


Hello! I’m Monika


I’ve been guiding individuals and companies to manage their relocation processes smoothly and find the perfect housing solutions for more than 10 years.

Having relocated myself, I understand how challenging and intimidating it can be for expatriates and their families. It’s tough to handle all the paperwork, especially when the only resources available are personal experiences from your home country or some online advice. The stress intensifies when numerous important decisions, like choosing a home and finding the right school for your kids, need to be made quickly without clear guidance.

Living in four different countries and speaking six languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Lithuanian) has equipped me with a strong understanding of the diverse cultural needs inherent in each relocation and real estate transaction. This understanding enables me to meet the unique needs and desires of my clients, ensuring a smooth transition and satisfying housing arrangements in their new locales.

By simplifying the process and making it as enjoyable as possible, I help alleviate the worries and uncertainties associated with moving or handling housing issues. This way, my clients can begin their new lives in a new place, feeling that they have made Barcelona their home.”



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